About us

An innovative partnership between Good Shepherd Microfinance, the Victorian, South Australian and Queensland Governments, and National Australia Bank has enabled Good Money to set up in prominent ‘high street’ locations.

Good Money community finance stores offer safe, affordable and responsible financial services for people on low incomes who are otherwise excluded from mainstream financial services. We support customers to make responsible and sustainable financial decisions that lead to greater social inclusion and long-term financial self-management.

Good Money was launched in Geelong, Collingwood and Dandenong in 2012. Good Money expanded to South Australia in 2015 with the launch of a store in Salisbury, and to Queensland in 2017 with stores in Cairns and Southport. Victoria also added a fourth store with the opening of Morwell in July 2017. Read our Good Money Fact Sheet.

Good Shepherd Microfinance is Australia’s largest microfinance organisation. It enables people to define and then to realise their own economic wellbeing and to feel valued and in control of their finances and lives.

Media enquiries

Please direct media enquiries to Good Shepherd Microfinance on info@gsmicrofinance.org.au or 03 9495 9600.


Good Money provides customers with:

  • An increased understanding of personal finances
  • Access to appropriate financial products
  • Access to relevant local support services
  • Access to information and programs that enhance their financial capacity.
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Customer experiences

After visiting Good Money, customers reported the following social outcomes:

  • 50% of customers who had used payday lenders said they wouldn't use payday lenders again
  • 70% of customers are severely financially excluded
  • 93% of customers felt more confident in handling their finances
StepUP helped me out of a bad financial situation and to begin a new life with my family. - Reza

Reza emigrated from Iran in September 2012 with his wife and six-year old son. Reza was hoping to find work and a happier life for his family. For three months, his search for work was unsuccessful, despite his fluent English.

Then Reza applied to work as a Farsi interpreter. He passed his exams with flying colours, however his jobs were in distant suburbs and appointments were often at short notice. He needed a car.

A friend told him about StepUP. Reza hesitated because he had a negative credit rating from overdue insurance fees. As part of his StepUP application, Good Money staff spoke with the insurance company. They managed to clear Reza’s credit history. Reza’s loan was approved for a car. Now he believes every new migrant needs to know about StepUP because “it helped me out of a really bad financial situation. I can now begin a new life for my family”.