Good Money helping make Lee’s house a home

61-year-old Lee Johns has a simple dream – to leave his house in Cairns to his niece. With the help of the Good Money store in Cairns, he’s making sure the house stays in tip top shape.


Lee Johns completing repairs on his home using a NILS loan from the Good Money store in Cairns

Through the Good Money store, Lee has been able to access no-interest loans which has enabled him to replace appliances, install new lighting and fans.

“I love my little house and I try to keep up with the maintenance and repairs, but it can be tough to do when you’re living a limited income,” Mr Johns said.

“Being able to take out a no-interest loan has meant I’ve been able to do things to the house that have made it safe and more comfortable, without the stress of repaying a bank loan and all the interest that goes with it.”

Lee said the staff at the Good Money store made the process simple and easy.

“The staff the Good Money store are wonderful – they help me with my loan applications and make sure the repayment plan is affordable for me.

“Without the Good Money store, I wouldn’t be able to afford to make improvements to my house. It makes me proud to know I’ll be able to give my niece a home to call her own.”


Are you wanting a loan to avoid the sharks? Visit a Good Money store near you.

Good Money Southport helping Fern avoid the sharks

A few years ago, 38-year-old Fern Hunter was facing a financial dilemma. Her partner had broken his leg, her car registration was due, and she needed to keep it on the road to get herself and her partner to medical appointments.

Fern was searching online for ways to make ends meet when she came across the Good Money store at Southport.

“The website mentioned no-interest loans for low income earners – at first I thought it was too good to be true, but I was running out of options, so I gave them a call.


Fern Hunter applying for a NILS loan with store manager, Patricia Phillips, in the Good Money store Southport.

“The staff were so welcoming and helpful. They explained everything about the no-interest and low interest loan options, helped me complete my application, and within a couple of days, my loan was approved and my car rego was paid,” Ms Hunter said.

Fern has taken out a no-interest loan each year since then to pay for her car registration.

“Without access to a no-interest loan, my only options would be to go to a payday lender which is scary, or just let the registration lapse, which just isn’t an option for us.

“With a no-interest loan, the repayments are so easy and affordable, and the staff at the Good Money store help you create a budget, so I’ve learnt a lot about managing my finances too.”

Fern encouraged anyone struggling to make ends meet to consider a no-interest loan.

“Whether it’s your car rego, or you need a new washing machine, or the kids need uniforms to go back school, a no-interest loan can be a lifeline without adding any financial pressure.”


Are you wanting a loan to avoid the sharks? Visit a Good Money store near you.