No Interest Loans helping Steven to live comfortably and save for the future

The past three decades haven’t been easy for 58-year-old Steven Dewhirst. Multiple bouts of cancer have meant he’s been unable to work and relies on a disability pension for day-to-day-living.

But No Interest Loans have helped Steven to live a more comfortable life.

“I came across No Interest Loans about ten years ago and since then I’ve had a few loans, through local provider Uniting Communities.

“I’ve installed air conditioning and had solar panels installed, which is good for the environment and saves me money in the long run,” Steven explained.

“Working with Uniting communities, I’ve also learnt a lot about budgeting and saving, which is helping me plan for the future and work towards new goals.”

Steven said without access to No Interest Loans, he simply would have gone without.

“Being able to access No Interest Loans has made such a big difference to my life – it’s hard to imagine what life might be like otherwise.”

“The loan repayments are so affordable – I’ve been able to pay off each loan quickly, which has improved my overall credit rating.”

“Whether it’s a one-off, or you take out a No Interest Loan regularly, it can really help you access the things you or your family need without adding any financial pressure.”

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